Vertical Limit 2000

Vertical Limit (2000) ไต่เป็นไต่ตาย

Vertical Limit While climbing at Monument Valley, siblings Peter and Annie Garrett lose their father, Royce. When two climbers fall and quit the family, Royce forces Peter to cut him loose to rescue Peter and Annie. Peter is now retired from climbing but Annie is an experienced climber. Their relationship isn’t perfect, as Annie still blames Peter for the death of Royce. Annie is planning to attempt to summit the K2. Peter and Annie reunite at the base camp. The expedition is funded by the wealthy industrialist Elliot Vaughn. Vaughn, Annie, Vaughn and Ali Nazir are part of the team. Vertical Limit HD

Vaughn hosts a celebration the evening before the climb. Montgomery Wick, the most well-known K2 expert, comes in to the event and confronts Vaughn. In the following, it is discovered Wick’s wife worked as an expedition guide who died during Vaughn’s previous expedition. Vaughn says they were struck by a storm , and Wick’s wife died of pulmonary edema because her supply dexamethasone was destroyed by the storm. Wick denies that and was able to search for the remains of his wife. While on the current climb Vaughn makes McLaren to continue despite an alert on the radio from the base camp of an approaching storm. Then, an avalanche occurs, and Annie, Vaughn, and McLaren are trapped in a crevasse and the other two are killed. Radio contact is lost but Peter hears Annie by using static codes to signal that they’re alive. Peter assembles a rescue team comprising Wick. Following a risky helicopter drop-off, the teams are assigned to each and each decides to take a different route in order to ensure their best chance of success. Each pair carries an explosive nitroglycerine canister donated by the Pakistani army to clear the entrance into the crevasse.

Monique and Cyril suffer a terrifying incident after Cyril falls off balance at the edge of a cliff. Monique attempts to save Cyril, but their nitro canister is thrown over the edge , and then explodes. The result is an avalanche that follows. Monique survives but Cyril does not. The nitroglycerine containers are kept at the station of the military, and exposed to the sun. They explode. The base camp instructs the crew to move their containers of nitro into the shade. Malcolm and Kareem do this, but the nitro canister leaks into the sun, which triggers an explosion that causes death to them. Underground, McLaren has been severely injured and has lost his dose of dexamethasone. Annie is sharing her dex with him, however Vaughn isn’t interested. Annie put her life in danger when she attempts in order to get into Ali’s backpack. She is able to obtain an additional dex. Vaughn, however, says that McLaren won’t make it through and Annie should be allowed to keep the dex.

The explosions have shook loose some ice and Wick finally discovers his wife’s corpse. The dex container is empty. indicates that Vaughn was lying and took her dex, ensuring his own survival while leaving his wife to die. Monique, Peter, and Wick stay in camp in the dark for the night. Peter is cautious of Wick as he seems more interested in retribution than in rescuing the survivors. In the crevasse Annie sleeps and Vaughn killed McLaren using the aid of a needle filled with air so that he doesn’t have to give McLaren more dex. Wick wakes up to discover that Peter and Monique are gone. Annie and Vaughn manage to locate the crevasse’s entry point by detonating a flare inside the blood bag of McLaren that explodes on the snow. Peter and Monique observe the mark and use nitro to blast the crevasse, opening up access to the survivors. Vaughn entraps Annie and drops the rope.

Wick descends into the cave and even though Vaughn believes that Wick will attack the cave, Wick attaches a clip to Vaughn. Monique and Peter try to pull Annie from the crevasse , but an ice boulder falls and knocks Wick and Vaughn off the crevice ledge. Annie and Peter are pulled down by Peter. The result is an incident similar to that of the opening scene. Monique is the only remaining on the ledge and holds the rope four other people hang from. To save Annie and Peter and, to fulfill his desire to get revenge on Vaughn, Wick cuts the rope and both he as well as Vaughn fall to their deaths.

After a rest at the base camp, Annie reconciles with Peter and pays his respects in a impromptu memorial to climbers who died.

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