Guardians 2017

In the Cold War, a secret Soviet group, known as “Patriot” was created. It’s an underground organization that alters and enhances the genetic makeup of individuals to protect the nation from the most terrifying threats.

The program operates similarly to Module-1. It permits the professor Avgust Kuratov, Stanislav Shirin and Stanislav Shirin to flee to the wild to carry on his research. But, he’s capable of surviving as he is surrounded by chemicals.

Today, a number of walking robots employed in training exercises have been damaged or killed.

Kuratov gives his Guardians the chance to join his army, but they decline. Kuratov then strangles Ler to death.

Major Elena releases the other members of Kuratov’s team. Kuratov uses poison gas to destroy his replicas. Guardians are trained at the Patriots facility, and are given the weapons and outfits.

The Guardians journey towards Moscow: Xenia Arsus, Ler and Arsus move forward along the streets. Ler beats a number of soldiers in the underground car park. Khan employs an aircraft to fly over Kuratov’s force field. Kuratov’s soldiers are defeated.

Xenia is able to capture Xenia, as the Guardians try to figure out a way to disable Kuratov’s beacon power and Xenia is able to grasp it and attempt to cut off the source of power. But, Khan cuts the grappling line, and the Guardians fall into the river , before the plane crashes.

They consider returning to the beacon of Kuratov to take down Kuratov. But Major Elena arrives and advises the group to stay in place.

Major Elena and the Guardians are recovering. In a scene after the credits, Elena kicks an officer when the truck has stopped. He informs her that Ferrum was the one who sent him to Moscow in connection with an unspecified mission.


Guardians (2017) โคตรคนการ์เดี้ยน



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